A step off the edge

Okay, so maybe this whole blogging thing wasn’t the world’s best idea. It’s…public. But hey, given the fact that practically nobody is likely to read this, I might as well go for it.

I had a heart attack in October 2011. Way to get a clue about the health situation, no? It’s one thing to think I need to lose weight and get healthy. It’s quite another to have your body strike back.

Well, there were extenuating circumstances. Exacerbating conditions. Like my mother’s final illness and eventual death–she had a stroke in early October, but lingered until November 23, 2011. That was stressful to me.

Also, my tiny trickle of freelance income had dried up in the summer, which didn’t help matters any. But now that I look back, with my mom going downhill I wouldn’t have been able to focus on doing the work I was being paid for. So at least I didn’t have to worry about that. Anyway, I survived. I’m in a cardiac rehab program, I’m trying to eat better. Trying to get back on an even keel.

So today I dropped by the new fitness place that opened just a mile or two from my house. I really should join someplace to keep up with the exercise after the rehab program ends at the end of March..but how to pay for it?

Cross your fingers, say a prayer that the money I need will show up for me to sign up for the fitness place. And bring my son with me.


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