Back to the drawing board?

Recently a film magazine published a hint about a possible relationship between Kili (Aidan Turner) and Tauriel (Evangeline Lilly) in The Hobbit movies.  This bummed me out, because I had a relationship between Thorin and Tauriel  worked out so beautifully. Or at least I thought it was beautiful.

Could there be some sort of a triangle? Could the hints be wrong? Maybe the magazine people were just making it all up.

However, Thorin has a lot on his plate in this story. He’s struggling to lead his ragtag band across Middle Earth while dealing with a challenging hobbit, he’s got to figure out how to defeat a dragon, plus he’s got to deal with elven kings and human leaders and pesky wizards.

On the other hand, Kili doesn’t have much to do. If you’re going to add a sparky love story, it might as well be given to his character instead of to poor, overworked Thorin. Also, as I mentioned in another post, putting Tauriel into a relationship with Thorin would push Bilbo out of his rightful place as the catalyst for Thorin’s change.

Then I wondered which of the two men Evangeline Lilly might have better chemistry with. So, I found an online horoscope service that does free synastry charts and plugged in their official birthdates (it was kind of a slapdash sort of thing–I didn’t want to be bothered looking up exact times, or latitudes and longitudes, which a proper astrologer would do).

My result: AT and EL have lots of good, flowing aspects among their planets. Lots of good chemistry there. RA and EL have fewer aspects and the ones they have are more challenging–which means either the potential for romantic conflict, or else not as much common ground. But heck, what do I know?

Sigh. So back to the drawing board, I guess. I still like the way I had the story worked out, but it seems even less likely now that  it will be in The Hobbit movies.


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