To Cheer Myself Up

Feeling a bit depressed, so I’m just going to say this:
I’m looking forward to the upcoming Hobbit movies. Whether there will be two or three of them, I’ll be happy.
I liked Lord of the Rings. Frankly, I liked them better as movies than as books, because Tolkien’s style gets a bit turgid sometimes, and my attention span isn’t that great.
And I grew up reading high fantasy epics, starting with LOTR and branching out to the Chronicles of Narnia, the Perelandra trilogy, The Belgariad, Dune, the Vorkosigan saga and even The Wheel of Time (well, not all of it–eventually that one just wore me out), to name just a few. And I adore the Harry Dresden novels. Fantasy, sword-and-sorcery, SF, space operas, AU, werewolves, vampires (but not the Twilight series)–I enjoy gripping tales set in other worlds.
I don’t like stories of ordinary people conducting everyday lives, which pretty much rules out literary fiction. And I refuse to read weepy, depressing, cathartic tales–gah, life is rough enough.
I don’t really understand why my feelings should be hurt when someone else is dismissive of the kind of stories I like. But they are. So, I’m writing this post just to say, these are the stories I like.
So there.
Deal with it.
Okay, I feel better now.