Oh Graham … you’re so fine!

This is hilarious. Looking forward to the whole baker’s dirty dozen in red plaid!

Well, There You Go ...

What started as a careless little comment betwixt friends has grown into … well, a project!

First, there were the pictures of Aidan and Dean, both wearing a red plaid shirt — Aidan during one of the interviews, Dean at HobbitCon in Bonn.  And then the picture of Adam, sporting his version, showed up in the Weta Creatures and Characters book.  Not too long after that, Richard visited Todd Snyder’s shop in NYC and a picture of him — in a red plaid shirt and that gorgeous leather jacket (but I digress) — was tweeted.

All this Dwarven goodness, all showing up in red plaid shirts?  Being a simple girl, I asked innocently, “Do they all have red plaid shirts?”  And thus, the Dwarf Red Plaid Shirt project was born. 😉

Scouring the web for red plaid images of dwarves is not an easy task!  You’d be surprised what you…

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