Trees, trains and weeds

A lovely post on the value of observing what is around us

Laughing Frog Farm


Over the years I have been asked to paint Thai palaces and Parisian street scenes–dragons, monkeys and the river styx. Usually things as unfamiliar to me as three headed camels. Last week I was asked to paint native Texas plants on some cabinets. This was great because I understand the way a petiole on a trumpet flower attaches to the stem. I was pruning persimmon trees the day before I painted one on a door. It is much better when you understand something than when you only see its shape.
In Austin in 1974 I was designing and building the scenery for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at Zilker park while working on the scenery concept for my next project, A Man’s a Man by Bertolt Brecht at the University of Texas. I left the park heading for the UT library to research 1930’s train cars, one of the visual concepts…

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