All that I do and for all that I feel

A very thoughtful post about why we do the things we do — why be a fan, why create, or write, or draw, or do anything — purely for the pleasure of it? Because of the pleasure of it.

Me + Richard Armitage

tumblr_mvrql6uba01sckib6o1_1280 [Left: Richard Armitage before the Hobbit life event, New York, November 4, 2013. Screencap from a vine vid.]

In the midst of mindlessly mampfing the popcorn, I’d read something particularly punishing toward fans, written by someone who claimed to be a fellow fan, but clearly wasn’t, and I had the thought that I suspect a lot of us have from time to time, is this really worth it? Why do I keep letting myself do this? I won’t reproduce the comment I read, but it was an intentionally baiting remark that a lot of us have heard over the years about the pointlessness of caring about all of this in the face of much greater, more troubling things happening in the world. I’ve always found that a stupid argument (because some people suffer terrible things does not make my comparatively minor suffering totally meaningless), and moreover, the fact that…

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