Quilted and timeless

Most mornings lately I’ve been waking up with songs in my head. I blame it on Pandora, because in my ongoing struggle to write this new book I’ve been listening to a lot of free tunes — fiddle, guitar and mandolin, Celtic and Quebecois, nearly all instrumental. Lyrics are too distracting. They drag me out of the movie in my mind, which isn’t good when I’ve got a few thousand words to write.

Anyway, this morning instead of Natalie McMaster, I woke up with Elton John’s song “Pinky” in my mind. It’s been a favorite of mine since my teen years. The album belonged to my boarding school roommate, but I played it more than she did.

Why did I think of this particular song today, after so many long years? Maybe it has something to do with a sweet moment savored in the midst of life’s trials and errors.

Here’s to sleepy snuggles and abandoned plans on a cold morning.

I don’t want to wake you
But I’d like to tell you that I love you
That the candlelight fell like a crescent
Upon your feather pillow

For there’s more ways than one
And the ways of the world are a blessing
For when Pinky’s dreaming
She owes the world nothing
And her silence keeps us guessing

Pinky’s as perfect as the Fourth of July
Quilted and timeless, seldom denied
The trial and the error of my master plan
Now she rolls like the dice in a poor gambler’s hands

You don’t want to tell me
But somehow you’ve guessed that I know
Oh when dawn came this morning
You discovered a feeling that burned like a flame in your soul

For there’s toast and honey
And there’s breakfast in bed on a tray
Oh it’s ten below zero
And we’re about to abandon our plans for the day


#NS10 My Favorite N&S fanfiction

Lovely romantic stories to keep you warm at night…

The Armitage Authors Network

Meek Margaret Romantic tension between would-be lovers. Thornton with his book. He loves to read, too!

After watching North & South for the very first time, I was desperate to talk about the story with others because I simply couldn’t stop thinking about it. I found C19 within a few days. It saved me from certain lunacy (or did it?). What a relief to know that I wasn’t the only one suffering from the effects of watching a Victorian cotton mill owner smolder for nearly four hours. Finally I could discuss and ask questions … but that was not all. There were stories there! Other people, whom the gods had allowed to find N&S years before me, had written stories about John and Margaret.

I had discovered fan fiction! Cue the music from on high.

I spent hours upon hours immersing myself in Milton again through the creative talents of many fellow…

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Uncle Bob or Cousin Bofur?

I really like this analysis of dwarvishness. In particular, it answers the question I had about DOS — when Thorin and the crew were in Erebor, and Thorin taunts Smaug into breathing the fire that re-lights the forges, how did the dwarves escape getting burnt to a crisp just by standing behind the pillars? Surely the flames — or even the hot air — would have been enough to cause damage. But if dwarves are highly heat-resistant, that would explain how they made it through.

The Dwarrow Scholar

For those unfamiliar with the details of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, the dwarves (at first glance) appear to be short, plump, grumpy men with big noses and long beards – much like my uncle Bob come to think of it, but I digress.

Sure, they are stocky, quite a bit shorter and have long beards that can be tucked into their belts.  But they still have a human form, unlike some of the talking beings of Tolkien’s world, such a dragons or ents for example.

So the question posted here today is… “What really makes a dwarf a dwarf?”

Could we for instance, sitting at a table in the Prancing Pony, mistake a stocky chubby strong-armed man with a long white beard (aka uncle Bob) for a dwarf ? I guess we could, but might quickly identify his true form when we took a closer look and talked to him for…

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